Percentage of TT customers interviewed who answered "Yes, definitely" to the question "If a relative or a friend wanted to travel in Europe, would you recommend Citroën Euro Pass?"


Citroën Euro Pass Customer Satisfaction carried out by Gfk in 2016 on the basis ok 2,796 respondents.

Overall Rating

Citroën C3

 "Overall experience was exceptional. The car itself  was a pleasure to drive and I would consider buying this vehicle if it were available in the U.S. Great program."

Burke.C (USA)

"I have already told several friends what a great experience this was. Thank you again!"

Governo.D (USA)

"Service was excellent and has been during the past 4 occasions we have used it. Keep up the good work!"

Westaway.D (Australia)

"This is definitely the way to go for a long term car rental in Europe. We will definitely do it again."

Orr.C (USA)


Citroën C4 SpaceTourer

"Your agent at Montpellier Airport, M & MmeValles, are  pleasure to deal with. They are helpful and professional. They take the time to ensure drivers are familiar with their vehicle's features and offer solutions should anything be amiss."

Hadaya.A (Canada)

 "Very good staff, excellent vehicle orientation. Pick-up was easy and efficient."

Dunne.R (USA)

"For everything we had a question (and we had many), the answer and explanation was given to us in a professional manner."

Peter.T (USA)

"Staff in Calais were very responsive and awaited our delayed arrival time on a Saturday afternoon, which was very much appreciate."

Burke.C (USA)


Citroën C4 Cactus

"Return of the vehicle was simple as a phone call to the depot a few days before and entering as home the adress is on the board navigation which made it easy to find. The staff were a pleasure and the airport drop off from the depot easy and quick." 

Crump.P (Australia)

"Very quick and straightforward at CDG, particulary on a Sunday afternoon when we were early for our appointment. Prompt shuttle service to our hotel." 

Bentley.H (Australia)

"The return was very painless and easy, sign the papers that it was returned and got a lift to the airport and that was it." 

Santos.L (Australia)

"Service was friendly and efficient, as usual." 

Hadaya.A (Canada)


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