Citroën Euro Pass for you

What is Temporary Transit?  

Temporary transitis an interestingtax and customs free that allowanyone residingoutside European Union renting a new car during his stay in Europe exempt from customs duties and VAT.
So you get a special French license with red platesallowing freemovement throughout Europe.

What are the benefits of TT? 

For your next travel in Europe, there is a better choice than renting: a Citroën in temporary transit!

You travel as you like throughout Europe in a new car which belongs to you and with the following advantages of the temporary transit offer:

  • A new Citroën of your choice, tax-free with comprehensive insurance with no excess
  • An exclusive economic package tax-free and guaranteed without supplement
  • Unlimited mileage with a 24/7 Assistance
  • Vehicle pick-up and drop-off in more than 31 centers in 9 countries of Europe.

A multi-risk insurance policy irrespective of percentage covering:

  • Driver civil liability
  • Vehicle fire damage
  • Theft (requires police report)
  • Glass damage
  • All accident-related damages to the vehicle, including acts of vandalism (requires police report)
  • Legal fees
  • Driver warranty
  • Towing of the vehicle 

24/7 Roadside Assistance for:

  • Breakdowns and accidents
  • Vehicle theft, attempted theft or vandalism
  • Finding emergency solutions to enable you to continue your trip

 A broadbased European presence

  • 31 pick-up and drop-off centers, including 17 in France and 14 throughout Europe.
Who can benefit from long-term rental Citroën Euro Pass? 

To take advantage of CITROEN Euro Pass programm, for your holiday in Europe you must meet the following conditions:

  • You hold a valid driving license.
  • You live in France’s overseas departments/territories or outside the European Union.
  • You have spent less than 180 days in European Union countries over the past 12 months.
  • You do not have a remunerated activity in a European Union member state.

Any person satisfying Temporary Transit requirements can benefit from Citroën Euro Pass leasing and travel to Europe on a new vehicle for a maximum of 6 months.
To be eligible for long term car rental, you must be:

  • a TOURIST a RESIDENT of a European Union member state waiting for relocation to a state outside the European Union
  • An INTERN completing an internship or assignment and whose usual place of residence is outside European Union or in France’s overseas departments/territories
  • Any person whose usual place of residence is outside European Union or in France’s overseas departments/territories and who is completing his/her national service in France

Before the reservation

How can you reserve your vehicle?  

You can book your TT contract directly on-line (e-business) if you live in an eligible country for online booking, or from your local Citroën Euro Pass representative (www.citroen-europass.com via our quote request).

You will be asked to sign an order form containing all the information necessary for your reservation (type of vehicle, any accessories, dates and places of delivery and return, flight details for airport deliveries, etc.) and to supply the following documents to confirm your booking:

  • passport (or identity card for French overseas departments/territories)
  • holiday certificate stating holiday dates
  • certificate of residence (for French nationals)
What is the deadline to book a reservation?  

Because of the heavy administrative procedures that we take care, the reservation must be made 4 weeks minimum before the delivery of your car.

What is the delay for a quote? 

Your business agent will answer to your quote request as soon as possible (usually within 48 hours).

You can get in touch also directly with him by email or telephone.

May I choose the place of delivery and return of my vehicle? 

You can choose among our 35 centers of delivery and return with 21 in France and 14 in the rest of Europe situated in stations, airports or cities according to your place of destination

How much does the delivery and return cost?  
  • In France the delivery and return of the vehicle is free (as well for Geneva and San Sebastian)
  • In the rest of Europe, fees vary according to the country.
Which payment methods are accepted are accepted? 

For the online booking, you can pay with a Visa, a Mastercard, a blue card or American Express.

This information concerns only the people who benefits from the access to the E-commerce of our web site in their country of connection.

If you order through your Peugeot Open Europe representative in your country, please ask him the method payment which is accepted.

Can I choose the color of my car? 

No, you can’t choose the new color of your new Citroën, it’s impossible to us guarantee the color of your vehicle.

During the reservation

The ordered vehicle comes with snow tires? 

The chains we offer are snow-tire chains that are easily and quickly mounted without having to move the vehicle.

The original tires mounted on factory-issued Citroën brand vehicles are deemed multi-purpose.  This means they are suited for differing driving conditions excluding however extreme conditions involving the presence of large amounts of snow and/or water on pavement.

Citroën Euro Pass can’t mount specialty tires such as "snow" or "contact" tires on its vehicles. If you decide to equip your vehicle with special tires, you can do it at your expense and you will have to return the car with the original tires.

Important Note:

Customers are responsible for consulting officials in each country in which they will be traveling about any and all roadway accessory requirements. Citroën Euro Pass may not be held liable for the provision of such accessories.

At the delivery is my vehicle delivered with some fuel? 

You vehicle comes with a fuel supply of 10 to 15 liters, which allow you to easily drive to the nearest service station.

If you wish your Citroën’s delivered with a full reservoir, please choose the accessory "fuel tank" during your reservation.

Will the vehicle be delivered with a safety kit (jacket, jack, etc.)? 

Pour toutes les livraisons effectuées en France, un kit de sécurité vous sera remis avec le véhicule.

After the reservation

How can I know if my payment has been accepted? 

Concerning exclusively the online booking you will receive a confirmation email on the mailbox you gave during the booking with the process to finish your Temporary Transit booking.

In case of payment failure, you booking request will appear on your booking records in your customer account. You will have a 48 hours period to pay it. Otherwise your booking will be automatically cancelled.

Can I cancel my order after payment? 

In order to cancel your booking, please send a request to contact-cep@mpsa.com.

  • You will be charged of 50€ for any cancellation requested more than 21 days before the delivery of your vehicle.
  • You will be charged of 300€ for any cancellation requested less than 21 days before the delivery of your vehicle.
  • You will be charged of 800€ if the vehicle is registered in your name.                         

You will then be refunded the difference on your credit card as soon as possible, less standard cancellation fees.

How do I know if my order is finalized? 

When your order is completed you will receive a confirmation email informing you that your order and your documents have been validated.
You can also see the status of your order in "my account my orders" enter "contracted".

What are the documents you must furnish to pick up your car? 

To take possession of your vehicle in the chosen center of delivery, you have to present your passport (or ID card for French), your driving license, your Citroën Euro Pass contract.

For the students and the trainees your visa as well as a resident's permit for the not European foreigners will be also asked you.

Who can pick up the vehicle? 

Only the contractor may take delivery of the vehicle or his spouse / partner with a proxy *.

* Only a legal spouse or de facto (spouse or partner) may benefit from a proxy established and signed by the contractor. A partner must provide a certificate of cohabitation.

Citroën Euro Pass can deliver me the vehicle where I want? 

Citroën Euro Pass will only provide vehicles for pickup at the Centers listed on our website. All vehicles are supplied at airports or train stations per customer travel arrangements.

You can consult our 35 centers in 8 European countries.

How to get the Crit'Air sticker? 

There are certain areas in Europe* where traffic is restricted and regulated for the most polluting vehicles. Find on this link the list of concerned areas: https://www.green-zones.eu/fr.html**. If you want to go to one of these areas during your stay, it is important to make the move to be in good standing.

To drive in French environmental zones, the Crit'Air sticker is mandatory. You can begin the administrative procedure to get the sticker at the reception of your car. To do this, go to https://certificat-air.gouv.fr/**. All you need to do afterwards is fill in the necessary information to validate your application for a sticker with the organization concerned.

Once your request is validated, the sticker will be sent to your home. If, however you do not have an address in France to which you would be able to receive the sticker, know that it is authorized to drive in the environmental zones with the proof of request. Keep it, it will serve as proof in case of police control.

* Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany

** Websites also available in English

During the contract

How can I change the place of return?  

Call Citroën Euro Pass at least 4 working days before the end of your contract. This service is available from Monday to Friday (except French public holidays) between 8 am and 5 pm:

From France: 01 56 47 61 61

Outside France: +33 1 56 47 61 61

Citroën Euro Pass will send you the plan for the new site chosen by e-mail or fax your request. This plan is also available on the website in the "centers".


For drop-offs outside France (except Geneva), this change will entail a supplementary cost payable by credit card to Citroën Euro Pass. These fees refund abroad are not refundable.

Who can drive the vehicle in a Temporary Transit contract?  

To drive in Europe, you must be at least 18 years old and have a full driving license that is valid in the countries you will be visiting.

The following people are entitled to drive the vehicle:

  • the contract holder (his/her name is entered on the registration certificate)
  • the spouse (in the broadest sense, including cohabiting partners or civil partners subject to presentation of evidence of this union)
  • and the direct descendants and heirs of the contract holder subject to the same temporary transit conditions as the contract holder

No other person may use the vehicle, for whatever reason. The vehicle may not be used for the performance of income earning activities or for professional purposes.

An international driving license must be held by persons who live outside the European Union.
The international driving license must be accompanied by the national driving license at all times.

A name can’t be added to or changed on the temporary vehicle registration certificate or the international vehicle insurance card once it has been issued.

How can I extend my contract? 

To extend your lease You have to call +33 1 56 47 61 61from 8H00 to 16H30 from Monday to Friday (except banking holidays).


You can extend your Euro Pass contract for a maximum duration of 175 by calling Administrative service + 33(0)1 56 47 49 62 at least 48 hours before the scheduled return date.

Prices per day can differ from the prices applicable when you signed the Euro Pass contract.
Extra days must be paid directly by bank card when you call.

For detailed information, please refer to the assistance guide Citroën Euro Pass.

Can I return my vehicle in advance?  

The following conditions must be met for partial reimbursement for the unused days:

  • Return date at least 8 days before the end of the contract
  • For contracts of less than 30 days, no reimbursement is possible
  • Regardless of the circumstances, 16% of the initial contract will be Retained

For the student, the expected return must take place 30 days before the end of the contract to give rise to a partial refund.
In case of contract extension, it may be no refund if you return the vehicle before expiration of the extension.

At the end of the contract

Does the vehicle have to be returned with its original tires? 

The vehicle must be returned in the same condition it was delivered in. Although it is possible to keep accessories, the original tires must also be returned.

At the end of the contract, do accessories belong to me? 

All accessories offered must be licensed by Citroën Automobiles.
We are prohibited from supplying accessories outside the Citroën Network.
All accessories are the property of the customer who may opt to keep them at the end of the contract.

How takes place the return of my vehicle? 

You must make an appointment DIRECTLY with the planned return center at least 4 days before the end of your contract.
Otherwise, all costs incurred will be charged.
Important: You will be expected to arrive within 30 minutes of your appointment time.
The vehicle should be returned with the items referred to on the delivery note. If anything is missing on return, you will be invoiced accordingly based on the current price list.

The reception agent will get you to sign a transfer certificate on which you will need to indicate the vehicle’s mileage. You must keep a copy. This document is official proof that you have returned the vehicle.

Can I buy my car? 

You can purchase the TT vehicle; a great deal for yourself, a friend or family member which takes into account the duration of use under the Temporary Transit agreement.

Contact the CITROEN EURO PASS TT purchasing service directly at least 15 days before the end of your contract. From Monday to Friday (except French bank holidays) from 9am to 5pm only.

Your direct contacts:

* Chrystel Bourgnier
Tel. in France: 01 56 47 49 84
Tel. outside of France: +33 (1) 56 47 49 84

E-mail: infos-tt-rachatcitroen@mpsa.com

Our sales team will inform you in detail about the conditions that can be granted. Meanwhile, you will find lots of information already in the "Pratical information - After your trip" of our website.

What documents I have to return with the vehicle? 

At the end of your contract you have to give at your drop off center:

-          The vehicle registration certificate or provisal registration certificate

-          The 2 keys to the vehicle

-          Any SD cars

-          The vehicle maintenance booklet

-          The insurance certificate

-          The safety kit : safety vest and triangle

Important: All non-returned items will be billed to you and debited from your bank account, even in the event of theft.

Our agent will ask you to sign a double copy of the vehicle receipt (French-English) stating the vehicle’s mileage and any returned or missing items. You will keep a copy of this document.

Insurance and assistance

What maintenance does a TT vehicle need?  

All our vehicles are delivered new. The first review shall take place at 20,000 kms. This review isn’t free and must be performed by a representative of the Citroën network. It’s also recommended to check the level of oil, water and tire pressure of the vehicle at least every 1 000 km level.

Which countries are covered by insurance and assistance Citroën Euro Pass? 

Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Spain (Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands), Estonia, Finland, mainland France and Monaco, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, San Marino and Vatican , Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia (FYROM), Malta, Montenegro, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, the United Kingdom and Gibraltar, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic.

Beyond these countries, the client will assume full liability, material and criminal incidents that may occur.

What happens if I travel in a country not covered by the insurance? 

If you decide to travel in a country not covered by the insurance/the assistance, your civil & penal liability is engaged and you will have to pay for all the costs linked to the damages or to the breakdown. No territorial extension is possible concerning the insurance contract.

You will find all of the countries covered in this section

In case of problems (failure, theft, attempted theft, accident ...), what should I do? 

We advise you to check your practical guide assistance.

Step 1: fill in the necessary documents

  • In case of an accident: draw up an accident report with the parties involved
  • In case of attempted theft or act of vandalism: make a detailed declaration and lodge an official complaint with the police
  • In case of theft: make a detailed declaration and lodge an official complaint with the police

Step 2: open an insurance file

  • Send a copy by email to das@ima.eu
  • Send the original by mail to CITROËN EURO PASS – SERVICE ASSURANCE : Immeuble Nova – 71, boulevard National - 92250 La Garenne-Colombes - FRANCE

Step 3: have the vehicle taken care of

  • In case of an accident or attempted theft or act of vandalism that requires repairs: bring the vehicle to a Citroën authorized repair garage.

Step 4: ask for a refund if necessary


  • If the repairs are paid by the customer: send the original repair invoice by mail to CITROËN EURO PASS – SERVICE ASSURANCE : Immeuble Nova – 71, boulevard National - 92250 La Garenne-Colombes - FRANCE – France
  • Call CITROËN EURO PASS - CUSTOMER SERVICE (09 69 360 760 from France or + 33 9 69 360 760 outside France)


When am I covered by my insurance Citroën Euro Pass? 

Better than a car rental, your contract Citroën Euro Pass offers on all European countries covered, insurance, casualty and without excess, with the following guarantees:

  • Driver civil liability (including passengers being driven at no charge)
  • Vehicle fire damage
  • Theft (requires police report)
  • Glass damage
  • All accident-related damages to the vehicle, including acts of vandalism (requires police report)
  • Legal fees
  • Driver warranty
  • Towing of the vehicle


I haven’t found the answer to my question 

If you don’t find the answer to your question, you can reach us at +33 (1) 56 47 61 61.
Or go to the contact section of our website.

I want to contact the PSA group 

Citroën Euro Pass is part of PSA - Peugeot Citroën. 

For more information: 


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