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How can you reserve your vehicle?

You can book your TT contract directly on-line (e-business) if you live in an eligible country for online booking, or from your local Citroën Euro Pass representative (www.citroen-europass.com via our quote request).

You will be asked to sign an order form containing all the information necessary for your reservation (type of vehicle, any accessories, dates and places of delivery and return, flight details for airport deliveries, etc.) and to supply the following documents to confirm your booking:

  • passport (or identity card for French overseas departments/territories)
  • holiday certificate stating holiday dates
  • certificate of residence (for French nationals)

What is the deadline to book a reservation?

Because of the heavy administrative procedures that we take care, the reservation must be made 4 weeks minimum before the delivery of your car.

May I choose the place of delivery and return of my vehicle?

You can choose among our 35 centers of delivery and return with 21 in France and 14 in the rest of Europe situated in stations, airports or cities according to your place of destination

Can I buy my car?

You can purchase the TT vehicle; a great deal for yourself, a friend or family member which takes into account the duration of use under the Temporary Transit agreement.

Contact the CITROEN EURO PASS TT purchasing service directly at least 15 days before the end of your contract. From Monday to Friday (except French bank holidays) from 9am to 5pm only.

Your direct contacts:

* Chrystel Bourgnier
Tel. in France: 01 56 47 49 84
Tel. outside of France: +33 (1) 56 47 49 84

E-mail: infos-tt-rachatcitroen@mpsa.com

Our sales team will inform you in detail about the conditions that can be granted. Meanwhile, you will find lots of information already in the "Pratical information - After your trip" of our website.

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